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Would You Like to Hear a Farm Story?
For this episode, I took the handheld recorder out in the snow and sat near the barn with the llamas. My Connemara pony, Kerrymor Madison, stood next to the fence, and our Jack Russell Terrier, Hope, joined the conversation.


You’ll get to learn about life on the farm as I describe our one-eyed llama, Stunning, whom Madison is so careful with as he moves around her. I also describe the coloring of Primary Colors and how we send the fleeces, sheared in the spring, to the mill for processing into rovings and yarn.


I also share a story about the harsh 2014 winter and the day we found Lily, the llama, shivering in the barn. Lily got to live in the old farm house for a few hours as she warmed up and enjoyed watching Let’s Make a Deal on the TV. 


 If you’d like to watch the video that Vickie mentions of her and Madison out in the heavy snow, you can find it on the Youtube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/vickiemaris


Did You Work Out Today?
Vickie encourages you in your fitness journey as she talks about her experience following the schedule in Focus T25 to build cardio, strength, and flexibility. She has finished the first five weeks of Focus T25, or the Alpha section, and has moved on to the final five weeks, or Beta.


My thoughts about Focus T25:  “There are three things that really stand out to me in this program. 1) I love Shaun T. He is an amazing athlete and professional fitness trainer. He keeps me motivated, and, well, focused! I also love that these workouts are designed to be done five days a week and are only 25 minutes each. They fit in my day very well. And 3) the modifier who does a low-impact version of the moves has enabled me to do this difficult program and gradually work up to some of the full versions of the moves. 


“My body has really been toning as I do this program, and the inches are melting from my waist line. Love it! If you’re doing this program or any workout routine, I encourage you to do what I do and keep track of your workouts online at Team Beachbody. I like to watch my workout calendar fill up in the month. I also keep track of my stats and track my progress in weight loss, inches lost, my decreasing blood pressure and more. You can set up a free account through my Beachbody website.”  http://www.beachbodycoach.com/heartsongfit



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My mom, Lucille Maris, shares her secrets to keeping fit and healthy at age 91 ½ years (she is 97 at the time of this edit!). Lucille talks about eating healthy from the time she grew up in the 1920s to her diet of meals she prepares in the kitchen of her condo today which are for a gluten-free diet. 


Lucille talks about outdoor activities in the one-room school house she attended to moving on to the large high school, Urbana High, where she played sports from 1936 to 1940. She was a three-sport athlete:  softball, volleyball and basketball (which women played as a half-court game at that time). In her sophomore year, she was captain of the girl’s softball team. She also discusses the PE (physical education) requirements of a high school student during that era of United States history.


In another section, Lucille talks about her switch to a gluten-free diet and what motivated her to start eating gluten-free. As an outstanding cook, she gives you ideas about how to make gluten-free cooking part of your life. Here is clarification about the grains that contain gluten and that you should avoid if eating gluten free:  


wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). If you’d like to learn more about a gluten-free diet, you can visit the Healthy Lifestyle Newsletter from Mayo Clinic:  http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/gluten-free-diet/art-20048530


Lucille’s husband (my dad), Professor and Lt. Col. James R. Maris, was a pilot in WWII and flew B-24 bombers. He served the United States of America in active and reserve duty for more than 20 years. Lucille introduces the subject in this episode. 


Future episodes contain short stories that Lucille tells about her life as a stateside bride during WWII. These are at the end of several upcoming episodes. Through her stories, you’ll feel how she dealt with the stresses of the time, and you’ll laugh and cry along with her as she recounts vivid memories of those days. 


In this episode she talks about a one-room apartment she lived in with no kitchen privileges while Dad was on base. She also talks about sitting through a double-feature movie twice one day to pass the time while she had no communication with dad and was worried about his safety.


Book Review
Learn a few insights about the marketing book, Fascinate, by Sally Hogshead. The author teaches you about how to captivate your audience and lead them to trust, believe and respect you. You can connect with Sally on Twitter:  @sallyhogshead or visit her website at www.sallyhogshead.com



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