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April 2014
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Hiking along the trails on the farm is one way that Vickie finds relief from stress after a busy day. She often takes one of the llamas with her for walking on the trails. They both benefit from walking for exercise, and at the same time enjoy each other’s company on the trail. 


Vickie teaches you about llamas along the journey and describes the elements of nature that they encounter during the walk. Listen to the llama hum, the creek rushing by, the Sycamore leaves crunching under foot and other sounds from the walk.


Frog Chorus
The frog chorus you hear in this episode is the real deal. Vickie and Scott were returning from a Friday evening dinner out when they passed through Prophetstown State Park and heard the frogs singing in the lowlands of the park. They stopped the vehicle on a service road and hiked over to the swampy area with recorder in hand to capture the frog chorus for you. This location is about one mile from the farm, and the frogs can be heard all around the farm during the spring.




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Mary Mitchell, health counselor, shares wisdom in this interview with podcast host, Vickie Maris. While the conversation was conducted in early 2013, it has been repurposed for this show so that you can benefit from Mary’s insights. She shares several very useful tips and concepts for busy people who are striving to improve their eating habits. Her tips can help you in your weight loss journey as well. She addresses the primary and secondary foods. Before her conversation about secondary foods, Mary describes the importance of finding balance in the primary foods: career or purpose, physical activity, spiritual activity and relationships.  

Responding to Cravings
In regards to healthy snacks to satisfy a craving, she reminds us about the importance of responding to a craving by drinking a glass of water first, then waiting about about 15 minutes. If you’re still having a craving, then respond with a healthy snack. But more often than not, you were actually dehydrated when you first noticed the craving, and the glass of water will take care of the situation. Drink up!


Did You Work Out Today?

I have finished the workout program, Focus T25, and recently started the new in-home fitness program, 21 Day Fix, with Beachbody trainer, Autumn Calabrese. Hear a quick description of this new program that includes 30-minute workouts and containers for food portion control. Also hear a reminder of why it’s important to listen to your body.


If you’d like to easily track your own fitness stats, blood pressure readings, inches lost, and more, you can you can set up a free account through my Beachbody website. https://teambeachbody.com/heartsongfit


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At the end of this episode, you'll hear a story from my mom, Lucille Maris. I have been  interviewing my Mom, for a book I am working on about my parents’ life during WWII. It stems from the memoirs my dad, Lt. Col., James R. Maris drafted about his 30 missions as a bomber pilot.


There will be more about the book in later episodes. For now, please enjoy this delightful

story that Lucille shares about the day she and her girlfriends ran to the top of the Hotel Jayhawk, Topeka, Kansas, to wave farewell to their husbands as the men buzzed the top of the building in their B-24 bombers and headed on their journey overseas. Future episodes of the podcast will close with additional short stories told by Lucille to Vickie.


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