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Mike Jackson is a retired electric lineman and supervisor from Battle Ground, Indiana, who has trained English Pointer dogs for horseback field trials for many years. For this episode of Heartsong Fit, I interview Mike, one of our farm neighbors, in his barn as he is preparing for a trip from Indiana to North Dakota and Montana for training his dogs and younger horses.

He rides and trains Tennessee Walkers, a gaited horse breed, and he raises and trains gorgeous English Pointers. This breed of dog is popular for bird hunting.

Whether you are a dog lover, horse lover, or you are specifically, an enthusiast of English Pointers, Red Setters or other "big running dogs," I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing Mike talk about his adventures.

In this sport, the animal handlers and trainers, work from horseback as they communicate with their highly trained hunting dogs who are broke to wing and shot. The horses, who are also broke to a variety of distraction from gun shot to dogs biting at their tails and winding around their legs, to the flush of birds from the terrain, are very key partners within the team required in this sport of field trials.

Both the American Field and the American Kennel Club (AKC) have divisions for hunting dogs in this sport. You will find categories of Shooting Dogs, Gun Dogs, All Age Dogs, Puppy, Derby, Amateur and Open.

Check out www.dogsunlimited.com for articles about the sport as well as:

I continued my interview with Mike in a discussion about teamwork. To hear our conversation on teamwork that he and his fellow competitors have with their horses and dogs, check out the episode in my other podcast, Online Course Connections.

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024 | Pull the Help Chain

"Pulling the help chain" is a phrase I describe in Episode 24 of Heartsong Fit. In the Toyota Way, this phrase is related to Andon. The help chain, help cord, or yellow stop button, is a mechanism that line workers can use to stop production and call for help. It's also used to notify the line that something has gone wrong in the manufacturing process.

In this solo show, I record my thoughts about pulling the help chain if you're a caregiver and need help from family and friends. I recorded this episode on a Saturday while in the barn and hanging out with the llamas. They munch their hay and communicate with each other, and with me. I share with you about what it was like to "pull the help chain" in the previous week. I reflect on how helpful my friends, coworkers and family members were in a week of "caregiving on steroids."I thank my friends for stepping up and helping out.

You can hear the llamas' activity as if you were in the barn aisle with me. They munch on hay, stomp their feet, chortle complaints to each other, and give me kisses to make me feel better. Videos available here: https://www.youtube.com/user/dpfllamas

You can get a free pdf download of my list of tips for a caregiver who needs to take a loved one to the hospital for an emergency or for an illness. Get your copy when you visit: http://www.heartsongfit.com

Thanks for listening.


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Podcast host, Vickie Maris, and her husband, Scott Greeson, share their takeaways from living unplugged for a few days at Fox Lake Resort in Marcell, MN. Planning and preparing meals; fishing; exercising; following a morning routine; and living without digital devices for a few days were all aspects of the week that contributed to relaxation and rejuvenation. Learn more at the website, http://heartsongfit.com.

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I share methods for managing stress that I use while in the caregiver role with my mom. These are ideas you can adopt if you are in a caregiver role and helping your loved one if he or she needs to make a trip to the emergency room or hospital.  

From keeping a bag packed and ready to having a plan for communicating with siblings, to reminders about wills, living wills, health care representatives and more, I touch on several simple steps you can take.

Have a plan in place and take steps ahead of time that will help you manage stress during an upcoming hospital visit. Find the show notes at www.heartsongfit.com/caregiver

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Take a walk with Vickie Maris and Dana Drenzek on the trail around the main wolf enclosure at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana.

Learn about the establishment of the park in the 1970s and the activities being conducted to observe animal behavior and to educate the public. You'll hear about the wolves, coyotes, foxes, bison and other animals at the park. Dana also talks about the internship program and the sponsoring membership.

Vickie and Dana even meet up with Monty Sloan and intern, Jeremiah, during the conversation, and Vickie gets her first opportunity to pet a wolf. For more details, see the show notes at the Heartsong Fit website or visit wolfpark.org

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Spend time on Dawn of Promise Farm with Vickie Maris and her podcast guest, Brad Bixler, farrier, journeyman pipefitter and adventurer who travels the world.

Life of a Journeyman Pipefitter

During the episode, Brad trims the hooves of Kerrymor Madison, Vickie's Connemara horse. The conversation covers the life of a working man who travels around the United States to the location of the work. He is a journeyman pipefitter.

Travel to See the World When Unemployed

Brad shares of his travel adventures that fill his downtime and keys to his ability to live life relatively stress free. He talks about setting goals and then visualizing yourself as having reached the goal and living in your changed life.

During the conversation, Madison, the impatient horse, continues to interrupt and demand attention.

Lucille Maris Talks About Life on the Homefront During World War II

At the end of the episode, Vickie interviews her mom, Lucille, about her time in 1943 during World War II, as her husband, Jim Maris, was in flight training at George Army Air Field in Lawrenceville, Illinois, and Lucille lived with several other military wives in a small apartment in Vincennes, Indiana. You can learn more in the show notes at http://heartsongfit.com/15 and you can also visit www.statesidebride.com

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Come along with farm owner and animal trainer, Vickie Maris, as she cares for her llamas and Connemara pony during evening chores in the extreme cold of winter. You can learn more about her Dawn of Promise Farm and what it is like caring for livestock in the winter when you visit the show notes for the episode at http://heartsongfit.com/14

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This episode starts with a story about one of my protective mama llamas, Velvet, who is still looking out for her daughter, Petals, who has long since grown into an adult llama. As I tell the story, my Connemara pony, Madison, interrupts and tries to get the attention on himself.

The bulk of the content in this episode is an interview with the owners of Fox Lake Resort, Edwin and Sheryl Olson, in Marcell, Minnesota - USA. They share the history of the resort - original structures built completely by hand without electricity by two Frenchmen in the 1930s - and the many ways people enjoy the property for fishing and nature vacations. You'll hear the sounds of a fishing line being cast from the boat during an outing to fish for large mouth bass and northern pike, as well as an eagle chirping from the bank of the lake.

You can see photos on the website, http://www.heartsongfit.com/10 and also see a video of me with my horse, Madison and my llama, Betty, as we introduce the episode. Enjoy!

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Take a Sunday Ride in the Tractor Cab With Roger Miller | Learn About Auto Steer and GPS | Lucille Maris Shares a WWII Story About the Clausings


Vickie has the recorder on as she climbs into the cab of a John Deere to interview Roger Miller as he works ground to prepare it for planting in north central Indiana.


You’ll feel like you’re in the tractor cab too as you hear the engine running and the variety of beeps and signals emitted from the auto steer in the John Deere.


This interview was a way for Vickie to de-stress after a difficult week at work. Some of her favorite days of her career were from the time she spent in agriculture interviewing farmers about techniques for saving soil and protecting water quality. 


You can see a short video of the John Deere tractor cab and its auto steer system when you visit the Youtube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/vickiemaris


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Lucille Maris Shares a WWII Story About the Clausings

Vickie has been interviewing her Mom, Lucille Maris, who is 91 ½ years, for the book she is working on about her parents’ life during WWII, which stems from the memoirs her dad, Lt. Col., James R. Maris drafted about his 30 missions as a bomber pilot. There will be more about the book in later episodes. For now, please enjoy this story that Lucille tells about news they received while living in Murfreesboro, Tennessee after Jim had returned from the war.


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